Our Wines of the Loire


Vine growing probably goes back to Roman times, but it's arround Bourgueil's abbey, founded in 990 that the Bourgueillois' vineyard has been developed including Saint Nicolas. Cabernet Franc grape variety appeared in 1152, thanks to the political Union of Anjou and Acquitaine. The cabernet Franc, original ancestor and red grape in the cabernet family is cultivated in mono-grape. The vineyard of Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil is widely open on the Loire which, at this stage the Vienne confluence is taking exceptional dimensions and leaves ample penetrate maritime influences.

Therefore climate is slightly more oceanic than in Bourgueil, with the same slope covered with forest, protecting slopes well exposed to norhern winds. Soil nature has a decisive influence on produced wine caracteristics. We meet several types of soil that is to say, gravels at Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, then sand and clay-limestone hills at Bourgueil. We develop our wines to bring them ready to drink on your table. To get that, a careful aging in our cellar, during the first years of life guarantee you a perfect keeping and taste quality . 


Bourgueil-Rouge Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil-Rouge St Nicolas Bourgueil 'Confidence'

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